Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Inspecting Invaders by Robert Davison - A new Blog about Invasive Species

               When I started this blog in 2006, there were few places to go to find information and more importantly, explanations about invasive species and their impacts. There were, of course, technical websites and list-serves with detailed information, but there were few entryways for the general public to support a high level understanding of the effects of invasive species on the landscapes of the immediate ecosystem in which they were encountered.

               A new blog has caught my attention for its deft use of metaphor that brings an additional way of clearly understanding the complex issues that surround invasive species. Inspecting Invaders has but three postings so far, but each is worth a read. The blog author, Robert Davison, chooses a feature of invasion ecology, and subjects using metaphor and fact to examination succinctly bring home the salient impact of invasive species. "Imagine you're about to race Usain Bolt" is an unlikely sentence in any description of invasion biology, but surely grabs your attention because it is so improbable a start to explaining invasive species establishment and the impact of spread.

               I hope Mr. Davison continues his work, and this blog, and continues his investigations and clear explications of the many facets of invasive species biology and policy.

               Check out his blog and encourage him to do more!