Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Invasive species, weeds and education

Invasive species issues are a subset of the greater conversation about our environment and, therefore, our quality of life. Long term solutions which can have the greatest impact are those that change our ingrained cultural imperatives. Education is key to changing current perceptions and future actions. This is from the NISC e-mailing:

Weed Curriculum for Grades K-12 Available On-line: February 21, 2007, "Alien Invasions - Plants on the Move" weed curriculum for grades K-12 became available on-line. It was developed by BLM staff and other experts. This curriculum has been tested in schools in Oregon. All lessons fit within existing mandated National Science Education Standards (NSES). Many activities integrate social studies, art, language arts, and math components. They combine invasive plant information within regularly scheduled NSES curriculum topics. To view the curriculums see: http://www.weedinvasion.org/weeds/weed_home.php. For more information, contact Janet K. Clark at the Center for Invasive Plant Management at cipm@montana.edu (Staff Contact Chris Dionigi).

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