Sunday, August 19, 2007

Invasive beauties; Choice species

Bright, long lasting, colorful ornamental species occupy a front line salient in the ongoing battle of invasive species stakeholders. The urge to select for color when deciding which plants to encourage in our landscapes is a primary decision which motivates immediate choice. Color is easy to understand; it is a basic design fundamental that even non gardeners understand immediately. The role of invasive species is not a primary design consideration. Color helps give order to the comprehensibility of diversity to those, who have, neither the inclination o learn nor the landscape literacy to comprehend, nor the literacy to understand the complications of diversity. Color simplifies understanding.

This is the power of Lythrum salicaria and L. virgatum in North America, and Jacaranda mimosifolia or J. cuspidifolia in Africa. “Travis Lyle a.k.a hedmekanik (33) is a writer, event promoter, DJ, and standalone whisky filter” in his own words, and writes eloquently and poetically on the pull of color in our gardens and our landscapes, and the need to consider surfacve beauty choices. I take this opportunity to point you in his direction: Tuesday, August 14, 2007; Lovely Tree, The Jacaranda. Beautiful Plumage...

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