Friday, December 21, 2007

Which candidate do you think understands Invasive Species?

I invite you to vote on which candidate you think understands the issues of invasive species best. Who would be the best person to bring all parties to the table for a common discussion about invasive species; who would support extreme points of views from any interested group or view point? Who do you think could best manage the issues surrounding invasive species on the national stage? Vote for the invasive species candidate which best serves your concerns.

I will attempt to find position or policy statements on or about invasive species from each candidate. If you find one please let me know so that I can add it.

"Secure our Natural Heritage for Future Generations. At every opportunity, George Bush has put narrow corporate interests ahead of regular families, causing new threats to our nation's great wildlife habitats. Edwards believes that protecting our natural heritage for future generations to enjoy is among our highest duties. He will protect much-needed resources for our national park, forest and wildlife refuge systems, restore balance to federal land management and protect America from invasive species."

"John McCain believes that we are vested with a sacred duty to be proper stewards of the resources upon which the quality of American life depends. Ensuring clean air, safe and healthy water, sustainable land use, ample greenspace - and the faithful care and management of our natural treasures, including our proud National Park System - is a patriotic responsibility."

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