Friday, May 27, 2011

Verbenas - The Maryland Farmer and Mechanic - June 1, 1864

    This, the prince of bedders, everybody who has a garden should have. Of endless variety, of almost all shades of color, many strongly fragrant, they are universally grown in the old world and the new. An ordinary soil will grow them. The only favor they ask is fresh, new ground. In this, if allowed plenty of room, they will flower from the first planting out until early winter frosts.

    Among the hundreds now named in catalogues at home and abroad, there are not twenty sorts notable for perfection of habit, flower, color and profusion of bloom. Small plants of a few inches in height are most certain to grow close to the ground than large plants.

    The following are choice standard varieties and most serviceable:

    White - Snowflake and White Perfection; Blue - Turquoise and Azurea; Striped - Mœnitta Coccinea and Madame Janvier; Scarlet - Fox Hunter, Mrs. Woodruff and Illuminator; Crimsons - Crimson Perfection, Giant of the Battle, and Brilliant de Valse; Rose and Pink - Celestial, Pompadour, and Rosy Morn; Dark Purple and White Eye - Royalist, Grand Turk, and Warrior

transcribed from: The Maryland Farmer and Mechanic. June 1, 1864. p. 183

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