Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Loss of an Herbarium: another "library" lost; the decline of scientific infrastructure

Everything you need to know is NOT on Google and our lack of attention tyo scientific infrastrucre is a great threat to the futureThe ARS Crop Production Systems Research Unit Herbarium (acronym SWSL) at Stoneville, Mississippi is being placed on excess and is available to any USDA-ARS management unit that is interested in acquiring and maintaining it.

The herbarium holdings include 27 metal cabinets (good to fair condition), 4 laminated cabinets (poor condition), about 18,000 mounted specimens representing about 5,700 species, a few un-mounted specimens, and limited supplies of mounting paper, folders and glue.  The total floor space required for the herbarium (cabinets and supplies) is approximately 400 square feet. 

The recipient of the herbarium (cabinets and supplies) must take the herbarium as a single unit and pay for packing and shipping or transport costs of cabinets and all materials related to the herbarium.  The estimated weight of cabinets, specimens, and supplies is about 10,000 pounds and 22,000 cubic feet.

If you are interested in acquiring the herbarium or require additional information, please contact Dr. Krishna Reddy at krishna.reddy@ars.usda.gov  (phone             662-686-5222      ) with a copy to Dr. Charles Bryson atcharles.bryson@ars.usda.gov  by Friday COB, December 23, 2011.

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Zack Ridder said...

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