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Online Invasive Species Management Training Program

Text Box: SCC Environmental Science Interns at Lake Waccamaw State Park, Lake Waccamaw, N.C.          Introduced invasive species are the number two threat to native plants and animals in the U.S., and cause over $150 billion in losses to the American economy, annually.  Efforts to control invasive species are piecemeal and under-funded.  Compounding the problem is a lack of trained technicians to assist with control and management efforts.  People seeking invasive species management positions generally have training in biology, forestry, agronomy, or related fields – but generally no training or field experience in controlling invasive species.

          In response to this need, Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, N.C.,  and Prince George’s Community College in Largo, MD, are exploring a collaboration to offer the first ever college-level program to train invasive species field managers.  Under this new program that was developed by Dr. Randy Westbrooks, an internationally recognized Invasive Species Prevention Specialist, students may take online courses for job training (PGCC), a Certificate of Invasive Species Management, or an Associate in Science degree in Environmental Science Technology with a second year focus in invasive species management (SCC).

Career Opportunities……….

County Agencies and Municipalities

- Cooperative Extension Service
- County Weed & Pest Departments
- City Parks Departments, etc

Federal Agencies

- USDA Forest Service
- USDA Natural Resources 
    Conservation Service
- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
- Bureau of Land Management
- National Park Service

State Agencies

- State Departments of
- State Departments of Agriculture
- State Departments of Natural
Private Industry
- Landscaping Companies
- Environmental Consulting Firms
- Invasive Plant Control Companies
- Pest Control Companies    

Rebecca Westbrooks - Chair, Natural and Social Sciences
Southeastern Community College, Whiteville, NC
Phone: 910-642,7141, Ext. 291

John Peter Thompson - Sustainable Workforce Training Program, Curriculum Specialist
Prince George’s Community College, Westphalia, MD
Phone: 301-440-8404

For questions or interest please E-mail:

Southeastern Community College
Prince George’s Community College

Invasive Species Management Training Program

Credit Hours:
IVS 110
Introduction to Invasive Species (Internet Course)
3 Hours

Ecology and Biology of Invasive Species, Economic Impacts, Survey of Major
Invasive Species Taxa (Plants, Aquatic Nuisance Species, Insects and Diseases,
Injurious Wildlife, General Management Approaches, Sociological Aspects,
Ethical Considerations
IVS 210
Overview of Invasive Species Management Strategies (Internet Course)
3 Hours

Foreign Pest Prevention, Port of Entry Exclusion, Early Detection, Survey,
Containment and Eradication, Control Methods (Chemical, Cultural Mechanical, Biological), Interagency Committees and Partnerships, Weed Management Areas, Invasive Plant Task Forces, Outreach and Education.
IVS 211
Overview of Invasive Species Management Programs (Internet Course)
3 Hours

- Federal/State Animal and Plant Regulatory Programs (USDA APHIS, State Departments of Agriculture, etc.)
- Federal/State/Local Management Programs (National Park Service, California Department of Food and Agriculture, etc.)
- Interagency Programs and Projects

IVS 220
Invasive Plant Survey Methods (Internet Topics, Field Studies)
4 Hours

Detection, Delimiting, and Appraisal Survey Methods, Data Synthesis and Archival

IVS 221
Invasive Plant Control Methods (Internet Topics)
3 Hours

Containment, Eradication and Control Methods, Equipment Operation, Care and Maintenance, Safety.

IVS 260
State Pesticide License Exam Preparation (Internet Course)
1 Hour
GIS 110
Introduction to GPS and GIS Mapping (Internet Course)
1 Hour

Total Credits =
18 Hours

Program Content is Subject to Change.  

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