Friday, September 19, 2008

In my historic town of Upper Marlboro, near the Patuxent river in Maryland, my county has decided to place a waste transfer station one mile from the river next to wetlands in the middle of endangered species surrounded by park land recently acquired to preserve the river eco-system over looked by a restored colonial house. This they do while claiming the tile of environmental legislators. You can find my rants which are diverting me from my invasive species issues for the time being at my other web log:

The incredible hubris that thinks this is a good idea is at least partially based upon the short term benefits of pretending that natural areas are simply blank canvasses upon which we need to impose development for our common short term good. It is the development version of the current mind set in our financial markets: who needs regulation as long as many are getting wealthy. Of course when things go wrong then the very same people immediately demand that the rest of pay up so that they may continue to take risks with out bounds.

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