Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tax Choice: for Children or for Invasive Species Issues

With invasive species issues not being exactly front page news, the idea of a government whereby citizens directly indicate which programs each wants funded is attractive. Given that most invasive species issues are discussed by a small circle of interested parties, talking to or at each other, unable to connect their personal issue of interest with the "it" of the moment, such a system would at least put a few dollars towards the issue of their choice. Of course, realistically meaning fewer dollars, many of us would feel good for a few minutes every April 15th.

Sponsor a child, or a noxious weed Monday, 29 September 2008

Taxpayers will have the option (in Hungary) to redirect 1% of their income tax to a scheme to reduce child poverty and sponsor talented youngsters, the government announced last week. Under an existing scheme, Hungarians can opt to have one percent of their income tax donated to a charity of their choice, and a further one percent to a church or religious organisation. Among other possible targets of the scheme mentioned by a government spokesman was an initiative to eradicate the allergenic giant ragweed that is rampant in Hungary.

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