Monday, February 23, 2009

Arlington County, VA declares an end to Invasive Species Control Efforts

Invasive species control eliminated in Arlington Virginia

from : Saturday, February 21, 2009 Invasive Plants in Arlington

'Management of Arlington's parks system just doesn't get it. They think that more expensive facilities like ball fields, swimming pools, fitness centers, skateboard parks, and dog parks are "good", while wasteful nature is "bad." And if invasive plants take over and destroy Arlington's few remaining natural areas, great, makes it easier to justify developing them too!''

By firing 23-years+ County employee, Gulf Branch Nature Center director Denise Chauvette this week with less than two weeks' notice, and terminating the position of Invasives Coordinator Jenn Truong, a new mom who has just been coming fully up to speed with Arlington's invasives program, Arlington parks management effectively has declared war on nature. The proposed fiscal year 2010 budget proposes closing Gulf Branch Nature Center and completely shutting down the leaderless invasives program. "

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