Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sustainable Sites Symposium (NAED), Feb 2009, Austin Texas

John Peter Thompson will participate as a member of the technical team's sub committee on vegetation
University of Texas at Austin:
Sustainable Sites Symposium
February 13/14 2009

This symposium will focus on presenting, evaluating, and connecting the various sectors of research and applied knowledge available for developing, maintaining, and monitoring sustainable sites.
Participants will present existing research and look at gaps or limitations in the knowledge base to support efforts to measure and promote sustainable sites.
The Symposium will focus on five research areas that support the Sustainable Sites Initiative: soils, water, vegetation, materials, and human health.
Panels of experts will (1) present Sustainable Sites Initiative findings and metrics developed from these findings to date, and (2) present case studies from projects related to each of the five topic areas.
Participants will discuss findings and their applications as a group, looking for connections and disjunctions that can be shared broadly and that form the basis for future research.
The National Academy of Environmental Design (NAED) represents more than 500,000 members.
People involved in NAED activities come from both industry and academia and are among the world’s most knowledgeable in their field.
The NAED membership provides the leadership and expertise required to accomplish complex research projects on issues such as climate change, resource depletion, and energy security.
The existing National Academies arose during times of extreme need for the nation—the Civil War, the Space Race—and the NAED is developing in similar fashion.

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