Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TNC Global Invasive Species Team is being disbanded

Invasive species have a further challenge as a cornerstone of national efforts to deal with the impacts of invasive species is closed for budgetary reasons.

News from the Global Invasive Species Team
----------------------------------------------------------News from the Global Invasive Species Team1. GIST closing shop
From: Barry Rice (brice(at) a result of the budget cutbacks announced this week, the Global InvasiveSpecies Team is being disbanded and will close down much of its work overthe next few weeks and months. Fortunately, our Forest Health work focusedon preventing and containing forest pests and pathogens is fully funded andwill continue. In addition, many TNC state and country program staff whowork on invasive species and make up our extended Team will continue theirwork. Over the next few weeks we hope to modify our communications networkto ensure that the folks who continue to work on invasive species acrossthe Conservancy can communicate, share information and work together.For now the Forest Health group will remain in the Conservation StrategiesDivision and the core staff involved can be reached as follows:
Frank Lowenstein: flowenstein(at)
Faith Campbell: fcampbell(at)
Leigh Greenwood: lgreenwood(at)
John Randall is slated to remain with the Conservation Strategies Divisionuntil mid-August, 2009 and can be reached at jrandall(at) orjarandall(at)
Other core GIST staff positions will end within the next 1-8 weeks.
Contact information for some of these folks are:
Stas Burgiel: sburgiel(at), sburgiel(at)
Barry Rice: brice(at),
Mandy Tu: imtu(at),
Valerie Vartanian: vvartanian(at), vvartanian(at)
It has been FABULOUS working with you guys!!!!!

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